As a technology company we offer, in our solutions,the following competitive advantages e caracteristics that made us strongly unic in the market:

Training and technological knowledge about the offered solutions

Quality of products and services

Flexibility of solutions

Modularity of solutions (it makes expansions and partial sales possible, within the technical and finacial needs of the costummer)

Safe solutions (our company is specialized in developing safe eletronic transactions applications)

After-sale support

Highly comppetitive prices

Working Methodology

FUJITEC Develops its products following the standards and norms listed below, that aim to meet the CMM level 02 especifications.

  • Norms and Procedures from ISO9001
  • Solution's Modelling with UML language, using Posseidon Tool
  • Development's Methodology RUP
  • Management's Methodology PMBOK.

This way, all the projects prepared by FUJITEC follow these procedures:

  • Consulting - Solution's Modelling - Project

At this stage, two documents are generated, they are discussed and aproved by the costummer:

  • System functional requirements especifications.
  • Detailed technical specifications of the system.

Those documents define clearly and In details the object to be implanted. The real expectations
of the projetct are now defined and certain.

  • Development - Customization - Management

During the whole process, Intermediate documents are generated, with the current schedule, the already developed stages and informations about the activities carried. those documents are sent to the costummer for monitoring and control.

  • Direct deployment services(training, installation, configuration, initial operation's monitoring , support and more).
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