Public area


Those solutions were basicly designed to improve public services, optmize time and resources, reduce cousts and manage the public services and possetions in a better way.

Among other FUJITEC solutions, in this area, we could highlight :

  • Health card's management system
  • Citizen and social benefits card's management system
  • Welfare card's management system



Diagram of the System

  • Users Registration's Module
  • Card Issuance's Module
  • Transactions Authorization's Module
  • Clearing System
  • WEB based user consultation's module
  • WEB based reservation, consultation and administrative authorization's module


  • Data management and management reports
  • More effective and Centralized management
  • Use of one system for
  • Geração de informações e atualizações constantes no banco de dados
  • many appclications in one card: social benfetis, health, meal and more

Citizen Card

  • management of only one card for different situations
  • 16 different applications, besides user identification.
  • Benefits
  • estabilish citizenship padrons.
  • Ensure that the benefits are used properly.
  • Minimize losts, optmize cash flow and inrease control
  • manage the used and provived benefits inside the service's network
  • many application's management at once:

    Payment Card
    Shopping Card
    Milk Card
    Food Card
    Schol Card
    School Restaurant Card
    Gas Card
    Bus Passes Card
    Gift Card
    Health Card

Potential costummers for Cardtec solutions

  • Goverment
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Stores
  • Others
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