Traffic light advancing control system

This solution aims to gain control of supervision in traffic, focusing in the advance of red lights in cities and highways traffic .

Speed control system

This solution aims to monitor, control and prosecuting motor vehicles exceeding the speed limit on urban roads and highways.

Composition of the systems above:

Consists in equipments installed in public places which, through sensors, detects, records and stores images of infractions.

These images are transferred to the images processing central, which identifies the plate and characteristics of the offender vehicle .

Moreover, there is a rear processing system that:

  • Validates vehicles data
  • Manages traffic tickets
  • backup all dataand generates reports for the Responsable Institution.


  • Prevention of accidents
  • Improvement of traffic conditions
  • Fines for offender drivers, so there is a punitive education





Fines Processing System


receipt, storage, monitoring, processing and issuance of traffic tickets.


The solution consists of a set of software modules that make up the entire procedural cycle of a fine, arresting, tax assessment, imporing for the system, processing and validation, monitoring resources, receiving payment, closing process .

This system can receive data from palmtops, data collectors or data typed from an infraction document.

In addition, places a check in motor vehicle's registration, aiming to confirm the data recorded and update from the database system.



  • Reduced operating costs for the managing
  • Minimization of errors in the monitoring procedure
  • Optimization of time in the receiving, storage, monitoring, processing and issuance of traffic tickets

Other informations

  • The solution is flexible and safe and also uses encrypted files to store data recorded


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