Electronic shipped video monitoring camera system

Real time audio and video recording and monitoring through the web, use of a monitoring processing central.

Diagram of the solution

DVR (Digital Audio and Video Recorders)   Cameras

Anti-impact Office; Motherboard
RAM; Automotive power source
Card Capture
HD (Hard Disk)

  High quality images
25 meters range
Night vision
Anti vandal
External resistance
Microphone   Sunshield Images
Discreet microphone
Preamp Circuit
Sensitivity adjustment
Might be used off camera

Monitor 7” LCD TFT
Menu on-screen
2 Video inputs
Full remote controll
Resolution: 480 x 234
Response: < 25ms
Pixel (mm): 0.255 0.255


  • Control of the fleet and safety – Online access via web images, download of the images from the cars through the Web. Possibility of integration with Tracking System

  • Inhibition of theft and robbering –Possibility of face recognition, images and audio recorded, with integration into the database for suspect's recording;

  • Access to the images by calendar– Possibilidade de acesso das imagens por dia, data e horário, tanto localmente na viatura ou através de um servidor;

  • Comodidade de acesso –Ability to access the images by day, date and time; locally, from inside the car or remotly, through a server;

System Features

  • Image recording (audio and video)
  • Anti-shock and electrostatic protection
  • Vehicle departure detection
  • Shutting down the vehicle and execution of the auto switch off
  • Protection of the images to ensure the quality of these
  • Identification of the vehicle locally and remotely
  • In case of loss of video:
    :: Audio-visual alarm
    :: Notification via web or through a remote application
    "Key lock"
  • Protection against overlay images on the hard disk (HD)
  • Viewing through remote access or web of these itens:
    :: Images from one or all of the cameras;
    :: Images from up to 16 individual cameras or simultaneous;
    :: Rocording registersorganized by a timetable;
    :: Camera reports;
    :: Frames uploading speed
  • "Download" one or more records from database
  • Images stored at 30 FPS
  • 8 FPS in images accessing remotely via the web and 30 FPS in the recorded images locally or on a server
  • Photo capture through web or remote application
  • SMS and E-mail sending
  • Image's recording on a remote server
  • Password's access protection
  • Detection of human faces during the recording of images, there's also the possibility of integration with a database
  • Detects static and suspicious objects
  • Select the recording mode on each camera: continuous or motion detection
  • Offers a "watchdog timer" funtion that reboots the system if it, for some error condition, stops


  • Security Companies
  • Police Vehicles
  • Freight and Transport Companies
  • Exchange Carriers
  • Buses companies
  • Subway, air and port companies
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