• Automatic Fare Collection

  • Software for transporting companies

  • Software for data processing system central

  • Facial recognition system

  • Embedded DVR Systems


  • Elecrtonic inspection system

  • Speed control system

  • Red Light Camera

  • Fine's processing system

Public Area

  • Consignment management system

  • Welfare card system

  • Citizen and social benefits management cards system

  • Social security card management system

Cards Applications

  • Smartcard administration

  • Loyalty cards system

  • Acces control and eletronic cash Systems

  • Health plan's cards administration

  • Social benefits cards system

Special Projects

  • Data security system's consulting and eletronic transactions using “Smartcards”

  • Hardware and software projects oriented to traffic and transport automation

  • Embedded applications development for many hardware platform

    Resident's applications development for POS / PDVs equipments

  • Software and hardware consulting and development

  • Images treatment software


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