FUJITEC is a tecnology company oriented to providing solutions on information systems.

FUJITEC is a technology company and its core business is embedded systems and smartcards applications.

The company can provide solutions in the following technology areas:

  • AFC Systems
  • Vehicle DVR and Tracking Systems
  • Smartcards Management Applications (e-purse, e-tokens, loyalties application)
  • Red Light Cameras and Speed Control Systems
  • Access Control, Security and Biometric Systems (particularly using face recognize)

With appropriate and inteligent solutions, Fujitec provides systems to its costummers in the following areas:

  • Transportation
  • Traffic
  • Tickets Administration (feeding, meal, fuel, social benefits and more)
  • Public Area

Besides Brasil, FUJITEC acts in many countries, mainly in Europe, United States and Latin America.


Founded in 1991, based in Fortaleza - Brazil, the company has begun its operations providing and developing intelligent solutions in embedded systems and smartcards applications.

During this time, FUJITEC has made a lot of investment in high technology, developing products and solutions for transport and traffic areas.

In 1996, FUJITEC became the first company in Brazil to implement a smartcard AFC System (contact smartcard) in Fortaleza and Parnamirim cities.

In 1998, once again, FUJITEC became pioneer in providing a contactless smartcard AFC System in Brazil, Natal and Parnamirim cities.

In 2003, FUJITEC was ahead and became the first Brazilian company to export its AFC solution, embedded hardware and software, to the United States, and was enabled in prove of concept in Denver city.

In 2009, Fujitec won an international bid and was contracted to provide its AFC System for fifteen cities in Colombia and Manizales was the first city to use the system.

Beyond AFC systems, during 19 years of success and constant growth, FUJITEC has developed projects in the following areas: card management system (electronic purse systems), embedded systems, biometric systems (face recognize), bus video monitoring and tracking.


Some cities and countries met by FUJITEC solutions  
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Created in 1991, the company provides AFC Systems since 1995 and it is pioneer in supplying these applications in Brazil. Since 2000, the Fujitec is a ISO9001 company certified in providing smartcard applications. It was the first and, until now, the unique Brazilian company in the segment to have this certificate. As a AFC solution provider, FUJITEC was also approved in Denver, USA for the supply of systems for that city. Furthermore, its electronic equipment to its AFC solution is approved by the U.S. FCC. Technologically, the company has important partnership in cryptography and smartcard technology and digital certification systems with the American and Brazilian universities. The company also has a high technical team and invests in technologic know-how. In 2009, FUJITEC won international bid in Colombia and signed a contract to supply its AFC system for 15 Colombian cities. In Brazil, FUJITEC provides AFC systems for cities such as Natal, Extremoz, Ceará-Mirim, Araguaina, among others, having already issued on their systems more than 2 million smartcards. Besides AFC systems, the company provides various solutions using smartcard technology and embedded systems. Security and biometric applications are others Fujitec solutions. In addition the company operates as a systems integrator, providing solutions to the private and public sectors..


Check out this video record of the partnership established in Colombia for the Instalation of the Eletronic Ticketing System in 16 towns. (audio in spanish)

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